Götz Pfeiffer: Software.

GAP Share Libraries.


A package for transformation monoids and related objects
by S. A. Linton, G. Pfeiffer, E. F. Robertson and N. Ruskuc.
Version 2.4 (May 1998).


A computer algebra package for symbolic calculations with generic character tables of groups of Lie type (including Green functions), Weyl groups and Iwahori-Hecke algebras
by M. Geck, G. Hiß, F. Lübeck, G. Malle, J. Michel, and G. Pfeiffer.
Version 3.1 (April 1997).

Other GAP3 Programs.

unitburn.g is an implementation of the algorithm for the construction of a basis for the unit group of the Burnside ring of a finite group from the article by R. Boltje and G. Pfeiffer (October 2005).

tcmonoid.g is an experimental coset enumerator for finitely presented monoids. It requires the MONOID package.
Version 2.13 (September 1998).

frame.g is a collection of tools to compute the tables of marks of a finite group. These programs have been used to determine the table of marks of M24.
ctweyl.g is an implementation of the character tables of Coxeter groups of classical types, among them the symmetric groups. It can be converted into a TeX file by the script xpl2tex.
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