Götz Pfeiffer: Publications.


  1. Characters of Finite Coxeter Groups and Iwahori-Hecke Algebras (with M. Geck).
    Oxford University Press, 2000.


  2. Quiver Presentations for Descent Algebras of Exceptional Type.
    25 pages.

  3. A Quiver Presentation for Solomon's Descent Algebra.
    45 pages.

  4. Around Solomon's descent algebras (with C. Bonnafé).
    Algebr. Represent. Theory (2008), 26 pages. doi:10.1007/s10468-008-9090-9.

  5. An algorithm for the unit group of the Burnside ring of a finite group (with R. Boltje).
    in: Groups St Andrews 2005 Volume 1 (C. M. Campbell, M. R. Quick, E. F. Robertson and G. C. Smith, eds.), LMS Lecture Note Series 339, 230-236, Cambridge University Press 2006.

  6. Special Involutions and Bulky Parabolic Subgroups in Finite Coxeter Groups (with G. Röhrle).
    J. Aust. Math. Soc., 79 (2005), 141-147.

  7. Counting Transitive Relations
    J. Integer Seq. 7 (2004), no. 3, Article 04.3.2, 11 pages.

  8. Distributive Coset Graphs of Finite Coxeter Groups (with G. Röhrle).
    J. Group Theory 6 (2003), 311-320.

  9. The p-modular descent algebras (with M. D. Atkinson and S. J. van Willigenburg).
    Algebras and Representation Theory 5 (2002), 101-113.

  10. Computing Transformation Semigroups (with S. A. Linton, E. F. Robertson and N. Ruskuc).
    J. Symbolic Comput. 33 (2002), 145-162.

  11. Minimal length elements in twisted conjugacy classes of finite Coxeter groups (with M. Geck and S. Kim).
    J. Algebra 229 (2000), 570-600.

  12. Finding Possible Permutation Characters (with T. Breuer).
    J. Symbolic Comput. 26 (1998), 343-354.

  13. Groups and Actions in Transformation Semigroups (with S. A. Linton, E. F. Robertson and N. Ruskuc).
    Math. Z. 228 (1998), 435-450.

  14. The Subgroups of M24 or How to Compute the Table of Marks of a Finite Group.
    Experimental Mathematics 6 (1997), 247-270.

  15. Character Values of Iwahori-Hecke Algebras of Type B.
    in: Finite Reductive Groups, Related Structures and Representations (M. Cabanes, ed.), 333-360, Progress in Mathematics 141, Birkhäuser, Boston 1997.

  16. CHEVIE - A System for Computing and Processing Generic Character Tables (with M. Geck, G. Hiß, F. Lübeck, and G. Malle).
    AAECC 7 (1996), 175-210.

  17. Young Characters on Coxeter Basis Elements of Iwahori-Hecke Algebras and a Murnaghan-Nakayama Formula.
    J. Algebra 168 (1994), 525-535.

  18. On the Irreducible Characters of Hecke Algebras (with Meinolf Geck).
    Adv. Math. 102 (1993), 79-94.

  19. Character Tables of Weyl Groups in GAP.
    Bayreuther Math. Schr. 47 (1994), 165-222.

  20. Unipotent Characters of the Chevalley Groups D4(q), q odd (with Meinolf Geck).
    Manuscripta Math. 76 (1992), 281-304.


  21. Charakterwerte von Iwahori-Hecke-Algebren von klassischem Typ.
    Aachener Beiträge zur Mathematik 14, Verlag der Augustinus-Buchhandlung, Aachen 1995. (Dissertation, RWTH Aachen 1994.)

  22. Von Permutationscharakteren und Markentafeln.
    Diplomarbeit, RWTH Aachen 1991.


  23. MONOID 2.4 - a GAP Share Package for Transformation Monoids.
    (with S. A. Linton, E. F. Robertson and N. Ruskuc).
    Manual, 1998.

  24. The Subgroups of M24.
    Table, 1994.

  25. CHEVIE - Generic Character Tables of Finite Groups of Lie Type, Hecke Algebras and Weyl Groups
    (with M. Geck, G. Hiß, F. Lübeck, and G. Malle).
    Preprint 93-62, Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für wissenschaftliches Rechnen der Universität Heidelberg, November 1993.

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