4.8 Monoid Functions for Transformation Monoids

All functions described in chapter Monoids and Semigroups can be applied to transformation monoids.

Green classes are special subsets of a transformation monoid. In particular, they are domains so all set theoretic functions for domains (see chapter "Domains") can be applied to Green classes. This is described in Set Functions for Green Classes. Single Green classes of a transformation monoid are constructed by the functions RClass (see RClass and R Classes for Transformation Monoids), LClass (see LClass and L Classes for Transformation Monoids), DClass (see DClass and D Classes for Transformation Monoids), and HClass (see HClass and H Classes for Transformation Monoids). The list of all Green classes of a given type in a transformation monoid is constructed by the functions RClasses (see RClasses), LClasses (see LClasses), DClasses (see DClasses), and HClasses (see HClasses).

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